Derome-Delem is a large island around 200 miles north of the Ermainian Islands, and often refered to as the Isle of Dwarves. There are many more dwarven communites in Derome-Delem than anywhere else in Aquerra, but there are also many gnomish and halfling communities, along with small human states and tribes of orcs and barbarian humans. Scattered throughout the surface of Derome-Delem are also a good number of "free towns". These are independent settlements with their own forms of government, that are usually populated by the descendants of humans who fled to Derome-Delem at various times in the Fourth Age.

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A Note about Derome-Delem Place Names: Because of the large number of disparate races and culture present in Derome-Delem, it is not uncommon for places and geographical sites of note to have multiple names, not only in different languages, but in the same languages to different groups of the same people, leading to frequent confusion and contradiction.

Cities & Towns of The Little Kingdoms

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Kingdom of Menovia: Scales (capital) | Keep of the Two Fangs | Southfork Tower | Split Mountain Bridge | Talmon

Principality of Rhondria: Black Top (capital) | Black River Bridge | Kendrick | Temple of the Black Serpent

Other Cities & Towns of Derome-Delem

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Free Towns of Derome-Delem: Bigville | Bountiful | Cutter Jack's | Ettinos | Jessen | Nikar | Palarn | Princeton | Stonebridge | Tallow's Post

The Far Shore League: AzĂșles | Dunhill | Dwen-Dreth | Fort Hindrance | Goldport | Vliss

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