Dragon's Grave

Dragon's-Grave.jpgDragon's Grave (sometimes called "Dragon's Cradle") is a collection of scores of tiny islands and reefs northwest of Tempestas where dragons of various kinds lair in the long sleep of their kind. Many of these dragons are of the first generation from the Time Before that settled here during (or immediately after) the Second War of the Black Trees and have not been seen since.

The vast majority of ships that pass through the area have never been heard from again. Whether this is due to the rocky shores, hidden shoals, treacherous reefs, and unpredictable currents or due to the dragons themselves, is unknown. It is said there is also a great deal of elemental activity among its islands. Sailing through Dragon's Grave is considered a valiant (if not foolish) act that is supposed to prove a ship captain and crew's skill and bravery.

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