The Four Squares of Scurvy is the name for four portions of a map of the Pirate Isles.

Made by Tulkon the Scurvy, he sought to use them to leave a legacy of unity among those who sailed under his banner. In an effort to keep his 'Quartermen' loyal to one another against the established Kingdoms surrounding the Wizard's and Southron Seas, he gave each a corner of the map which led to his treasure, requiring that they work together to find his stowed spoils and benefit from the secret ways only he knew of.

Whether it was because his lieutenants were too greedy or simply never had opportunity, the four never worked together to unravel the mystery. And the chance to ever use the reconstructed map to seek out Tulkon's treasure would have been lost forever when Bonewrack McCracken was sunk near three years later, bringing his square down with him.

All of these map portions are currently in the possession of former (Wanted) HLN Capt. Nathaniel Coram of the caravel Lady Esmerelde.

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