The Black Dragon Helm

black-drag-helm.jpg The once great Lizard King of the Sime-Gre tribe, Sakatha wore this helm fashioned from horn and thick dragon scale shed of the awesome black dragon Spytas. In the Third Age it was oft thought that Sakatha was born of that same venerable monster’s blood, but this helm proves that perhaps the cunning Lizard King perpetuated a more purposeful ruse. Whatever the truth, this powerful magic item proves an historical artifact as well as a valued piece of armor.

It is currently in the possession of Simon Cjurst and apparently also shapes the appearance of the user. In the time since he started using the helmet, his scales have all turned black and he has grown to large size, reaching 8 feet in height.

The helm serves as a three-quarter helm covering, the eyes, jaw, and extending to the rear to cover the neck and crest onto the back. This helm is fashioned in such a way that it is only wearable by lizardfolk, but it possesses a number of powers.
  • The wearer can speak and understand Draconic (as Tongues).
  • The wearer gains Darkvision 60’.
  • The wearer gains Resistance to Acid/30.
  • As a swift action, upon speaking the command words, ‘Draco nigrum alae’, the crest of the helm rises and draconic black wings sprout from the shoulder granting the wearer a fly speed of 60’ (maneuverability good) for 10 rounds. This ability can be used twice per day.
  • Once per day, as a standard action, upon speaking the command words, ‘Draco nigrum veru’, the wearer can spit a line of acid (60’ long, 5’ wide and high) as a breath weapon doing 6d4 points of damage (Reflex DC 17 half).

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