Moon Pearl Cloak Pin

moonpearlcloakpin.jpg As a piece of jewelry this cloak pin is already magnificent. Although it appears to be a normal blue-grey pearl set in solid silver, a rendering of a deep sea oyster, this heavy brooch is indeed magical. Black pearls are often associated with great patience and willpower. These highly coveted stones are also known as a moon pearls, as they are only found in the dinner-plate sized oysters washed into shallow pools in the tidal flats during the new moon.

This particular cloak pin was found in the treasure trove of the Lizard-King Sakatha by Captain Nathaniel Coram and his company. It is currently in the possession of Hôl of Ahto, who has converted it into a heavy gauge plug for his ear-piercing (worn on the right).

The moon pearl cloak pin increases the possessor’s Wisdom score in the form of an +2 enhancement bonus.

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