Ruediger’s Mer-skin Chaps

mer-skin.jpg Despite his best efforts, Ruediger Bollinger never became the famous spear fisherman he was determined to become. He was, however, the proud owner of these magically enchanted chaps – their origin a fish tale he never refused to tell. To hear him tell it, while spear-fishing in the shallows one day Rudy noticed a thrashing further out in the deep water. Knowing that a beautiful mermaid was in trouble, he heroically swam out with naught but his spear to aid her. Diving deep down underwater, Ruediger delivered one swift, sure strike, in the cold dark depths and speared the biggest, nastiest shark, you’re ever going to see. After having saved the beautiful mermaid princess, she fell madly in love with Rudy, who knew they could never share a life together. Despite her broken heart, as a token of her appreciation and undying love, the beautiful mermaid princess did beseech her father, the powerful wizard merman king to enchant these chaps out of the offending shark’s very hide.

The chaps were discovered in the ziggurat temple of the lizard-king Sakatha. How they came to be there is unknown.

These normal-seeming protective calf chaps are masterfully sewn and beautifully adorned with broad fish in rippled bands, and are likely worth at least 500 sps on that basis alone. "Mer-skin" is misnomer, the chaps are not crafted of actual merman skin, scales, or leather, instead this traditional protective fishing gear is fashioned of blue-green shagreen.

If the wearer speaks the command word, ‘narn-lingwe’ while immersed in water, the chaps shrink tight to the lower legs of a humanoid, ending securely about the knee and turn into the tails of an aquatic creature not unlike a fish (so two appendages as opposed to one merman-like tail). This transformation is full and complete, as a Polymorph spell (see also, polymorph), and short of means of dispelling the magic, the chaps cannot be removed. Only upon completely drying the skin, a process that naturally takes at least 20 minutes basking in normal sunlight, can it be removed from the wearer.
The Mer-skin Chaps enable the wearer to breathe in water as if she were in clean, fresh air. She gains a swim speed of 60 feet, she can cast spells, and otherwise act underwater without hindrance (as per Freedom of Movement). The magic of the mer-skin can only be used once per high tide and only thrice between new moons.

While transformed, the wearer's movement on land is halved.

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