miserytlalok.gif Misery Tlalok is the so-called "Pirate-Queen" of the Wizard's Sea. Over the years she has increased her power and influence among pirates, gathering a fleet that obeys her notoriously cruel will. The Herman Land Civil War has made the waters of the Wizard's Sea more vulnerable to her and her followers, and she has established a pirate city among the Pirate Isles south of Haffar Isle, called 'Misery's Bosom.'

Recently, she has leveraged her power and influence to take over leadership of the Red Lantern Gang. Among the ships known to fly her flag (a white scourge on blood red field marked with crossing black bars) are her command ship, The Blood Scourge, The Dark Heart, The Burning Wand, The Black Wind, Dark Desire, and the Devil's Friend.

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