Not in Aquerra

This is a page for a list of things you will NOT find elsewhere in this wiki because they do not exist in Aquerra. Obviously, this list will limit itself to items from the 3.x Edition core rules and from general D&D mythology.

Things absent from this list that are not found on other parts of the wiki do not necessarily exist either, but it is possible they could.

These are the things you can safely assume you will never see in Aquerra:


  • Craft Rod
  • Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
  • Improved Precise Shot
  • Manyshot

  • Cleric Domain Powers
  • "Generic" Clerics or Clerics that Revere an Ideal or Philosophy instead of a god.
  • Level Loss for Energy Draining Effect

  • Destrachan
  • Girallon
  • Formorian
  • Locathah
  • Phantom Fungus
  • Sea Cat (see Sea Lion)
  • Skum
  • Tritons
  • Yrthak

Prestige Classes
  • Dragon Disciple


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