Below is a copy of the DM's calendar recording the passage of time and major events in The Oath Campaign for 563 H.E..


Note: Many notable events are not marked down here due to lack of diligence by the DM, including all the events in Highport (like the death of Thar'keth) and the adventure in Tallow's Deep. The numbers on the calendar indicate the events noted on the back of the sheet (scanned below).

Arrows were usually used to indicate travel and/or down time.

Notable Dates/Events: Oath-Campaign-Calendar---563-HE-(back).jpg
  1. 9th of Ter: Rastfar and Militaides of Anhur return to Lilly City from The Schrabs.
  2. 11th of Ter: Fitch Harper is raised at the temple of Isis in Lilly City.
  3. 15th of Ter: The Oath have dinner at the home of Guido the Gondolier and discuss what to do with the Chair of the Stars.
  4. 5th of Quark: The Oath leaves Lilly City for Cutter Jack's upon The Broken Horn.
  5. 7th of Quark: The Broken Horn stops off in the City of the Spices.
  6. 9th of Quark: The Broken Horn attacked by pirates.
  7. 27th of Keent: Militaides of Anhur defeated by Gelton of the Nine at the tournament at the Island of Anthron Moore. Rastfar and Fitch arrested for interfering. (See O10 - Neutral Ground
  8. 8th of Ese: Rastfar is mistaken for Gilvorak Steelhand and feted by townsfolk in Neergaard.
  9. 17th of Ese: The Oath arrives at Saymark.
  10. 18th of Ese: The Oath buy-out Peter's Provisions.
  11. 21st of Ese: Rastfar and Morgan of Thor kill a mountain giant on Mountain Day
  12. 10th of Syet: The Oath leaves Dunthrinane.
  13. 12th of Syet: The Oath meet up with Tamburlaine's bandits on the road.
  14. 13th of Syet: The Oath meet up with a Jishin band on the road.
  15. 17th of Syet: Militaides of Anhur and The Oath arrive in Steel River and the former's family farm.
  16. 20th of Syet: The Oath arrive on The Dancing Field to retrieve the Crown on Llywellyn. (See the adventure: "Stepping Stones")
  17. 24th of Syet: The Oath begins the adventure "River of the Dead."
  18. 28th of Syet: Jenna Sandlorn loses her hand to a dire scorpion.
  19. 9th of Oche: Jenna's hand is regenerated at the temple of Isis in Avenir.
  20. 17th of Oche: Militaides's family discovered ZOMBIFIED!
  21. 3rd of Nuiet: Militaides is restored. (This may be a reference to the old energy draining level loss rules).
  22. 4th of Nuiet: Drall is returned to flesh.
  23. 18th of Nuiet: Gorn is smashed by a hill giant crit.
  24. 27th of Nuiet: Fitch Harper is killed by Shimmering Wraths.
  25. 28th of Nuiet: Drall dies.
  26. 15th of Dek: Gregori the Brown rejoins party.
  27. 16th of Dek: The Oath meets King Edmund the Young.

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