Below is a copy of the DM's calendar recording the passage of time and major events in The Oath Campaign for 564 H.E..

Note: Many notable events are not marked down here due to lack of diligence by the DM.

Notable Events Oath-Campaign-Calendar---564-HE.jpgOath-Campaign-Calendar---564-HE-(back).jpg
  1. 1st of Prem: The Oath leave Haffar's Port for the Hellish Isles aboard the Astral Wind.
  2. 4th of Prem: The Astral Wind arrives in Eh'Tuhuorg in the Lizard Isles.
  3. 5th of Prem: Jakob K. Killelf joins party as Militaides of Anhur's squire.
  4. 19th of Prem: The Astral Wind arrives in the Hellish Isles.
  5. 21st of Prem: Cinder is killed when Jenna Sandlorn's wand of wonder explodes with a point-blank fireball.
  6. 23rd of Prem: Jefferey Twelfson eaten by Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Oath meet Wey-Yun.

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