Out of the Frying Pan

This campaign began in February of 2001 with five players in addition to the DM and ran through January 16th, 2006, playing 103 regular sessions + 2 "reunion" sessions. While it was being developed, the campaign had "the Canada Campaign" as a working title, in reference to the premise of PCs trying to escape the draft.

Below is the ad used to recruit some of the players:

It is a hot summer, and war rages in the east. The most powerful kingdom in all of the known world fights against one of its own territories in what promises to be a long and bloody civil war.

But war is soldiers’ work – not adventurers’, not farmers, certainly not yours… But that one frightening word is on the lips of recruiters, magistrates and town guards, “Conscription!” - There are a million ways to get out of the war, the trouble is finding a good one.

Verdun – the largest city in Aquerra, capital of the war-torn Kingdom of Herman Land. Amid the towering spires, religious pilgrims, and ships of conscripts heading out to the Black Islands, the answer can be found. Some people will do anything to get out of the frying pan…

Out of the Frying Pan… is a 3E D&D campaign for 4 to 6 players set in Aquerra. The characters will begin at first level, and all characters must have some reason for wanting or having a conscription deferment.

Player Characters

Though the campaign began with five player characters, over time the make-up of the group changed with character deaths, players moving away and new people joining the game to take the empty spots. In total, there were nine players who played the 12 characters.

Here are the characters in the order of appearance:

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Story Hour

The on-going tale of this campaign and its party of adventurers, called The Fearless Manticore Killers, and later The Keepers of the Gate, have been detailed in a narrative on the ENWorld Messageboards.

The story is broken up over five threads, and can be accessed from the Out of the Frying Pan Portal Thread, which includes links to all the threads, a detailing of developing plot points and a glossary of NPCs the party has encountered.
  • The entirety of Book I - Gathering Wood can be downloaded in word doc form by clicking here.
  • The entirety of Book II - Catching the Spark (parts 1 & 2) can be downloaded in word doc form by clicking here.
  • Book III - Fanning the Embers, which includes both The Necropolis of Doom!!! and The Pit of Bones adventures, can be downloaded in word doc form by clicking here.
  • The glossary of NPCs that have appeared in the story hour so far can also be found here.

Maps & Props

  • Zedarias' Books

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