Prestige classes offer a new form of multiclassing. Unlike the basic classes, characters must meet Requirements before they can take their first level of a prestige class. The rules for level advancement apply to this system, meaning the first step of advancement is always choosing a class. If a character does not meet the Requirements for a prestige class before that first step, that character cannot take the first level of that prestige class. Taking a prestige class does not incur the experience point penalties normally associated with multiclassing.

The prestige classes themselves represent a specific cultural niche and/or organization that characters can belong to, adopt or develop within the context of the campaign and their surroundings.

Each of the non-human PC races has their own prestige class that represents an ideal of their culture. These are: Arcane Archer (elves), Aspect of Sobek (lizardfolk), Breach Gnome (gnomes), Dwarven Champion (dwarves), and Halfling Outrider (halflings). Half-Breed Races do not have their own cultural prestige classes.

Note: All prestige classes are considered to have DM Approval as one of their requirements. They can only be adopted as it fits the story and themes of the campaign as they unfold, not as an arbitrary means of driving those themes.

Prestige Classes of Aquerra

Beside each of the prestige classes listed below are the areas of Aquerra where members of such a class are likely found or to come from. While these are not necessarily the only choices, see the specific class decription or consult with your DM for info about other possibilities.

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