The Church of Isis (Goddess of the Moon, Magic & Motherhood)

GilPharoah72.jpgTemples to Isis can be found throughout central Aquerra and are often filled every Isilem with common people (mostly women) asking for her blessing, and to protect their children from harm.

Weekly services are held on Isilem (the second day of the week) about two hours before moonrise. The High Temple of Isis is located in the City of the Spices in the Magocracy of Thricia.

Isis has many roles, and her priestesses seek to emulate her. It is often said, "Mothers wear many hats and hold many jobs..." Priestesses of Isis are advisors and protectors of their communities, not only in terms of physical defense (using magic to hide and protect people), but in organizing charity for the poor, especially mothers with children, and in taking care of orphans. They also serve as midwives and match-makers.

As goddess of magic, Isis is highly revered by mages and witches of all kinds who do not seek to abuse or exploit their power, though many wizards revere Thoth equally. Priestesses of Isis are charged to protect people from those that would use magic for maliciously and for evil.

Sometimes, a witch comes to worship Isis by learning her spells through the goddess's servants. Meanwhile, some priestesses turn to the study of witchcraft to better know the spiritual forces that emanate from their goddess. In both cases, priestesses of Isis who also learn witchcraft are known as white witches of Isis, or simply white witches. A few of these priestesses go on to delve into the secrets of theurgy.

Organization of the Church: There is a churchwide hierarchy in the following of Isis based on experience and level, however, even a higher level priestess will generally show deference to a lower level priestess if the latter is the head of temple and the former is visiting it.

Priestesses of Isis usually serve in a temple close to their own communities, but can be sent to serve at any temple of Isis, and typically they are sent to serve somewhere else for a three to five years sometime during their career.

The Church of Isis also has an order of monks associated with it, The Silent Sisters. These monk show deference to priestesses of Isis, especially whichever priestess run the temple they serve at.

The high priestess of a particular temple is usually referred to as "Revered Mother".

Temples of Isis: Temples of Isis are usually elaborate cathedrals of dark stone decorated with silver, moonstone and onyx, with statues of the goddess displaying scenes from her various legends (i.e. gathering the pieces of Osiris, suckling Horus and Anubis as infants, or casting stars into the air). Often they have beautiful gardens as part of their open foyers with pools and fountains and designed to have a good view of the moon.

Sometimes temples of Isis also serve as orphanages, and a handful have full temples to Fallon, or even safehouses of Nephthys on their grounds.

Customs of the Priesthood: The most obvious custom of the priesthood of Isis are the braids and beads the priestesses wear in their hair as a badge of rank in their church. Each time she gains a new spell level she begins making an additional narrow braid in her hair, and each time she gain access to a new spell level through Lunar Arcana she adds a bead, usually of moonstone or silver.

Priestesses of Isis are forbidden to marry and must remain chaste until achieving significant rank in the church to prove their dedication.

The time of the full moon is very holy to worshipers of Isis and they spend those evenings in quiet contemplation her deeds and teachings whenever possible.

Relationship with Other Priesthoods: The church of Isis is closely related to that of Nephthys and Fallon. The priesthood of Isis is opposed to the church of Set, god of tyranny. The relationship between the following of Thoth and that of Isis is often tense and strained because of their differing views on magic. However, the following of Isis is very influential in the Ecumenical Church of Ra's Pantheon, and they are respected by most other priesthoods.

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