Simon Cjurst

Simon is the product of Isadore Cjurst's grand wager. The merchant bet an associate that he could take a lizardfolk egg and raise it to be a polished servant. Simon grew to be a dutiful butler and occasional nanny for the Cjurst Family. His unusual size and body composition can be attributed to the diet he was raised on: unlike wild lizardmen, he never went through phases of starvation as a lizardling.

After the murder of Isadore Cjurst (still unsolved), Simon took service aboard the Water Horse as the ship's cook. Since then he has found a niche on away teams as a strong arm.

Simon stands at a massive 6' 7" and 270 pounds of pale green muscle and bone, though after wearing the Black Dragon Helm, he now stands at 8'0" and growing, as well as turning completely black. Depsite his intimidating size and appearance, he moves with a gentle step and touch, ingrained in him through a lifetime of service to the wealthy. His clothes are generally fine and clean, although as of late he has taken to wearing more utilitarian clothes (his finery needs repair and a good cleaning). The claws of his left hand are trimmed away, and the claws of his right are kept immaculate.

Recently, Simon has undergone a crisis of faith. He has seen that not all lizardfolk are the evil monsters that he thought, and at the same time, he suffers the stigma of being one. In addition, he has been blackmailed into committing deeds contrary to his 'civilized' nature (though perhaps closer to his 'savage' nature). It is perhaps to rationalize this tear in his personality that he has created an alter ego, "Keth Keth," who wears the Bindi of Sobek and commits the crimes demanded of him.

He now possesses the Black Dragon Helm, which has greatly affected his body (and possibly his mind). In addition, his beloved captain and crewmates have either died horribly or left the group. It is unknown whether his innate goodness will overcome the evil and tragedies that has befallen him, as he sees the tragic ramifications of his "heroism."

He has let the claws on his hands grow to their natural length, as he lost his lute and finds that the claws help to intimidate people.

Simon Cjurst

Lizardfolk male (large); Monster 2 / Fighter 7; HD: 2d8+7d10+45; hps: 100; Dies: -20
Init +0; Speed 15 ft (3 boxes); - Al: LN

Armor Class:
Just Armor No Shield Against Melee Attacks
AC: 24/25/24 [+5 (natural armor)], +5/+6/+5 (masterwork scale mail), +1 Segundo's Slippery Ring, +3 BDB); Touch: 14; Flat-Footed: 21/22/21

Armor & Shield Against Melee Attacks
AC: 27/28/27 [+5 (natural armor)], +5/+6/+5 (masterwork scale mail), +3 (Masterwork Heavy Shield), +1 Segundo's Slippery Ring, +3 BDB); Touch: 14; Flat-Footed: 25/26/25

Armor & Shield Against Ranged Attacks
AC: 28/29/28 [+5 (natural armor)], +5/+6/+5 (masterwork scale mail), +3 (Masterwork Heavy Shield), +2 Segundo's Slippery Ring, +3 BDB); Touch: 15; Flat-Footed: 26/27/26

Shield and Bindi of Sobek Against Melee Attacks
AC: 24 [+7 (natural armor)], +3 (Masterwork Heavy Shield), +1 Segundo's Slippery Ring, +3 BDB); Touch: 14; Flat-Footed: 22

Attack: BAB: +8; +7 (melee), +12/+7 (ranged); +8 (), +12/+7 (masterwork falchion) or +13/+8 (Colibri Blade)
Damage: 1d10+7 (masterwork falchion) or 1d8+6 (Colibri Blade)

Saves: Fort: +10, Ref: +2, Will: +0
Abilities: Str 20 (+5), Dex 10 (+0), Con 20 (+5), Int 9 (-1), Wis 8 (-1), Cha 13 (+1), Com ??

Special Abilities: Hold Breath (190 rounds(?)), Low-Light Vision, Marsh Move, Natural Armor, Natural Attacks, Special Feat Access

Reputation: +1 (Single-minded) +1 (Destroyer)

Influences: (8 points total)
  • Influence +?

Skills: (17 points total; cross-class skills are asterisked*; untrained skills are in italics; total including armor check penalties in [brackets: armor only, armor & shield])
Balance +2 [+0, -2], Climb +8 [+6, +4], Diplomacy* +2, Escape Artist* +0 [-2, -4], Jump +8 [+6, +4], Hide +0 [-2, -4], Intimidate +8/+12, Knowledge (etiquette)* +0, Move Silently* +0 [-2, -4], Perform (lute)* +2.0, Profession (Cook)* +1, Speak Language (common tongue)* -1, Swim +11 [+7, +3]
  • Lizardfolk gain a +4 racial bonus to Swim checks.
  • Lizardfolk gain a +4 racial bonus to Jump checks.
  • Lizardfolk gain a +4 racial bonus to Climb checks.
  • Lizardfolk gain a +2 racial bonus to Balance checks, as their tails help in this regard.
  • Lizardfolk suffer a –2 racial penalty to all Spoken Language checks aside from Lizardspeak and Draconic. The physical shape of their mouth and tongue can make it difficult for them to be understood.
  • Simon is currently LARGE -1 to hit, -1 to AC, Reach

Feats: Toughness, Power Attack, Improved Bullrush, Exotic Weapon - Falchion, Skill Focus (Intimidate), Improved Demoralize

Restrictions: Oddly-Shaped, Thirsty

Hero Points: 0; Action Dice: 6.

Notable Equipment: Colibri Blade (Longsword of Speed +1 with Blur Ability) Mstrwrk Heavy Shield (+1 enhancement bonus, lowered armor check penalty - by 1, +5 damage points max), Segundo's Slippery Ring, Masterwork Falchion (+1 to Dmg.), , Dagger, Bedroll, Apron, Traveler's Outfit, Courtier's Outfit, Flint, Tinder, Sack, Backpack, (Specially fitted - Masterwork Scale Mail +1 to armor, check penalty lowered by 2), Receipt for 100sps paid to Ditmas Sunbar of the Sable Drake in Westron, Magical Item - Necklace of Shark Teeth

Treasure and Coinage:

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