Social Mechanics

Aquerra campaigns use some mechanics to represent a character's political and social influence and reputation.

Social Mechanics & Role-Playing: A note about social interaction skills. Players are expected to role-play out scenes that use skills such as Diplomacy, Intimidate, etc. Diplomacy checks and the like can maybe handle in one of two ways:
  • If you are comfortable with your ability to think and talk on your feet and want to risk a circumstance roll based on your performance, the check can be made after the interaction. However, if you are not so confident in your ability to improvise and role-play social situations deftly, the check can be made before the interaction, and then the role-playing can be based on the results (instead of vice versa)
  • Either way, as role-playing has always been the emphasis in Aquerra campaigns, players are discouraged from making characters that rely primarily on mechanical interaction skills as their primary form of conflict resolution if they are unwilling or not deft at role-playing those kinds of situations.

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