The Oath Adventures

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OO1 - The Labyrinth of Issek
(written by Osvaldo Oyola) In the adventure that started it all, Gregori the Brown, Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn, Danotholin Deepwater, Gwar of Westron and Robert of Fallon awoke deep in a dungeon with no gear to speak of. As they made their way up the levels of the place, they collected makeshift weapons, random gear and even some of their own possessions as they fought kobolds and avoided various traps. Eventually they were able to escape, but not before Danotholin Deepwater was killed. They then discovered that they had been collected by an evil wizard named Issek of the Four Eyes to be tested for his needs. They were told that they were the first group to escape the labyrinth, and that they could go along their way and he would contact them when he needed them. The party vowed to never fulfill his will as they climbed out of the tunnels to find themselves in the sewers of Verdun.
The Lizardman Aside
(written by Osvaldo Oyola) Deciding to head to Westron where Gwar hailed from, the party that would become known as The Oath grabbed a ferry heading west. Along the way, they picked up a myrmidon named Randall Thaenar and a disfigured elf called Eläyas the Scarred. Between the islands of Ermaine and Kotah, the ferry boat was attacked by savage lizardfolk who kidnapped a young girl named Jenni traveling with her mother Feli and brother, Anton. The party gave chase with the aid of Gern of Turnbull, tracking them into the swamp and eventually meeting up with Sha'Thook, a lizardfolk druid and leader of a local tribe. The attackers were Apep-worshipping renegades from that tribe.

In cooperation with Sha'Thook and a group of lizardfolk warriors, the party tracked the renegades down to the ruins of a Kotah fort where the girl was to be sacrificed, and successfully saved her.
The Plague Ship
(written by Osvaldo Oyola) The group's trip to Westron brought them to Swampstop, where (as usually happens to adventurers with no reputation) they were harrassed and shook down by the local guards. Gregori the Brown was forced to cast a spell on a guard as he escorted a young woman home, which led to manhunt for him, and eventually the rest of the group. In the chaos of the escape, Robert of Fallon and Gwar of Westron were arrested. Later through a contact the party made with a member of the Lord-Mayor's elite guard (named Zimflickenflakstakenstim) they heard word of their companions "death during interrogation". It was at that moment that Rastfar made an oath to make those who had killed his friends pay, and he made the others swear to it as well.

Continuing on to Westron, Elayas and Rastfar were able to intercept a message that was supposed to go the captain of a ship just off-shore that bore the yellow flags of a plague ship, but revealed the existance of "slaves newly acquired in Swampstop". The "plague ship" (called "the Tuonetar") was really a slave ship using the ruse of disease to keep the authorities away. Traveling by ship to Haffar's Port and using one of Eläyas' old contacts they were able to find which dock the ship would be arriving at and were able to sneak on board.

Meanwhile, Robert and Gwar had made friends with a fellow slave named Clem who claimed to be able to free them all. In the confusion of the battle that began when the rest of The Oath came aboard, he broke free of his chains and helped to fight as Robert freed the other slaves. Luckily, he had friends waiting and was able to help the party escape to a safehouse and wait until things cooled down. It turned out he was not a human at all, but an elf in disguise named Falen.

Falen asked the party what they called themselves, and without hesistating or asking anyone else, Rastfar replied, "The Oath."
N1 - Against the Cult of the Reptile God
After a few days in Haffar's Port, the party decided to take up Falen on a job offer, as they sorely needed coin. They would go with him to Zootsburg to pick up a woman who needed escort back to Thricia. On the morning when they were to leave back to Westron, Randall Thaenar never arrived, so the party left without him.

Wanting to avoid Swampstop, Falen led the party on a march overland to Zootsburg by way of the village of Hamlet. However, while there they became embroiled in a mystery involving a great number of charmed people in the town, including the local priest of Ra, who were all working with troglodytes. Defeating, the troglodytes, capturing the charmed members of town that tried to stop them, and breaking the spell on Palatino of Ra, they sought out the lair of these Set-worshipping creatures.

The place was overrun with charmed townsfolk digging out a temple, many more troglodytes, and Slaves of Set commanding undead, all of which worshipped a powerful naga. While in the end the party was able to slay the naga and all her minions and save many of the townsfolk, Eläyas the Scarred was killed by crocodiles, and Robert of Fallon and Gwar of Westron, along with Palatino of Ra and Aeron Sark, a captive that was picked up along the way, were all killed in the final battle against the naga. Falen was forced to kill Robert when the latter was charmed and about to finish off Gwar, and then tragically the strong lad died anyway. (See also, N1 - Against the Cult of the Reptile God)
Song of the Fens
(from Dungeon #40) After leaving Falen at Zootsburg, Gregori the Brown and Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn traveled back to Swampstop considering getting their vengeance as soon as possible before the hard adventuring life killed them as it had their friends. Also, Gregori wanted to see Lydia again. While there the two remaining members of the Oath met up with Militaides of Anhur, and an elven bard named Ellis Wintergreen. After another run-in with the law they decided to explore the southern road through the swamp to meet up with Loren the Sage who was seeking the aid of an adventuring group.

Along the way they stopped at Sarruh's Rest where they met up with Bernardo the Modest and first heard the mysterious and beautiful song coming from Vile's Fen. Soon, they found themselves seeking out the source of the beautiful music for the sake of the lovesick innkeeper's daughter, who was promised in marriage to a paladin of Ra she did not love. Unfortunately, the singer turned out to be a freakishly runty troll with a shy disposition.

Inspired by the possibilities of true love, the party dressed the troll in some of Bernardo's spare clothes and hat and brought him back to the inn. Unfortunately, the innkeeper's daughter was horrorified by the monster and the troll (whom the party named Wendall) believing that the whole thing was a ruse to make fun of him went beserk and began to smash things around the inn grounds. When the party tried to use fire to scare him away, he went went crazy and nearly killed everyone, but eventually he fled.

The innkeeper kicked the party and Bernardo the Modest out of the inn for their actions, so the swashbuckler decided to join them for at least the rest of their journey. Eventually meeting up with Loren the Sage, they were asked to investigate the tower of an allegedly evil wizard nearby.
A Wizard's Fate
(from Dungeon #37) The Oath found the evil wizard's tower to be a ruin, but a recent one. Searching through the rubble was a young woman who begged the party to help her find sign of her lover, who she admitted had once been on the dark side of things, but that her love had been redeeming.

The party searched the lower levels of the tower which were still intact searching for treasure and some sign of what had happened to the tower, and soon discovered the wizard's familiar, an imp, had been behind the explosion of the tower and the death of his master. It knew it would be sent back to the Nine Hells once its master's redemption was complete.

The battle against the often invisible imp was very difficult and chaotic. Ellis Wintergreen was killed by poison, and when Bernardo the Modest was poisoned, Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn was forced to use his scroll with a neutralize poison spell on it to save him. Not too long afterwards he was poisoned as well, and despite his dwarven constitution, he died.

The remaining members of the party were finally able to kill the imp by trapping it in a room and beating it down with spells and weapons before it could escape to use it usual hit and run tactics.

Unfortunately, before this happened the girl they were helping was killed by the imp's poison as well, unwilling to return to her village and relative safety.

Demoralized by the death of their de facto leader and their failure at having helped the girl, the Oath marched back to Swampstop. Along the way they were met with a group of orcs who called Gregori the Brown 'the servant of the master' and wanted to escort them back to safety. Gregori now considered the party leader, agreed to the escort for part of the way, but then the party slew them all.
C3 - The Lost Island of Castanimir
While figuring out what to do in Swampstop, Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn returned. Rene Axe-nail of Thor had been sent a message telling her where her fellow priest had been buried and included a scroll for raising him. The message included a sealed message for Gregori the Brown. It turned out both were from Issek of the Four Eyes, and Gregori's note explained how Lydia would only be safe if he could get the party to investigate an island long-sunk which had recently risen from the depths. Running out to find Lydia, her mother explained with much confusion that Lydia had recieved a message from him with money and a ticket for passage to Moon City to meet him at his mother's house. She had left that morning.

The Oath traveled to Westron to catch the arranged passage to what was called the Lost Island of Castanimir. While in Westron the party met an acrobatic young man named Alec who was in performing in the street to raise money to get passage to Thricia. Gregori the Brown took a shine to the boy and decided to bring him along.

The tiny island was barren except for an old worn lighthouse and round metal hatch in the ground in a slightly raised area that looked like it once was inside a buidling long washed away. Beneath the lair of Castanimir was a series of rooms linked by portals of white light.

While exploring the place, The Oath came across another party that had arrived soon before them. They claimed to have also survived and escaped the Labyrinth of Issek, and one of their members looked exactly like Gwar of Westron, though his demeanor was very different. He spent a lot of time staring at Alec. The other party included a Wayfarer of Ptah, and he explained that there had been a Windfather of Ukko in the group that had been killed by a trap in the labyrinth.

The two parties began to work together to overcome the challenges of Castanimir's lair, including people who had not seen the light of day since the Third Age and all sorts of traps and strange monsters. However, eventually the two groups came to blows and the false Gwar and the Wayfarer of Ptah were killed. The rest of that party was eventually killed by the dangers of the place.

The party soon discovered that even if Castanimir were still alive he was long gone, leaving behind a simulacrum the Oath was barely able to defeat. Bernardo the Modest was killed in the treasure room when the party's actions activated a flesh golem.

They escaped the strange maze of rooms, and waited in the lighthouse for the ship to return to pick them up. (See also, C3 - The Lost Island of Castanamir)
Light of Lost Souls
(from Dungeon #12) While waiting, the Oath found that the lighthouse was haunted with the spirit of a man who had once neglected his duty as lighthouse keeper and all he need do was save one ship from the newly risen island's shoals to be free of his curse. Unfortunately for the party, as Gregori the Brown was possessed by the spirit and trying to get the lighthouse lit once again, the place was attacked by the undead remains of those sailors he let die so long ago.

The fight was arduous as the party was very injured from their adventures within Castanimir's lair, but in the end the fire was lit and the zombies destroyed, and they signaled a ship to come rescue them as the ship that had brought them never returned.
L1 - The Secret of Bone Hill
In Quillton, The Oath met up with a warrior named Skurge of the North who was seeking out signs that the end of the world was coming as laid down by his god, Grimkel. He was accompanied by another traveler from the Northern Reaches that he had met along the way named Xerik Dy'lych, a Huntsman of Uller. Happy to have people from his homeland, Rastfar invited them along.

They heard of a blight of some kind in area of a place called "Bone Hill", and since this sounded similar to one of the signs of the coming of Ragnarok, the party and their new companions went to investigate. On the way to explore the mysterious hill the party was attacked by a gang of orc bandits, and in the middle of the fight a lizardfolk ranger came to their aid. His name was Thar'Keth and he was a member of Sha'Thook's tribe and had sought them out to travel with as he wanted to see the world.

Atop Bone Hill, the Oath found the ruins of a fort which was the center of the localized blight. It was now the home to a large group of bugbears and soon after arriving, Skurge of the North was killed when his larynx was punctured by a morningstar. He went down fighting. Exploring the place, the party slew a great number of bugbears, and discovered the place was ruled by a powerful wraith sorcerer, which they eventually slew. However, before that could happen, the party was sucked into a magical mirror where they had to fight duplicates of themselves. Xerik Dy'lych was mortally wounded by the false Thar'Keth, and when the party stowed him away to complete their explorations, they returned to find him crucified and disemboweled.

Leaving there laden with treasures recovered from the bowels of the ruined fort, the Oath traveled to Moon City, where Alec (who had by now admitted his real name was Willie Dobil) trained to become a wizard. Gregori the Brown was forced to leave the group to take up his assignment as the watch-mage of Sturnheim. (See also, L1 - The Secret of Bone Hill)
UK4 - When a Star Falls
Unable to seek out his betrothed, Gregori's companions went on to do what he could not because of his duty to the Academy of Wizardry. The last word of Lydia came through Gregori's mother, Susan Brairley, telling them that Lydia had indeed come to her, but upon receiving Gregori's warning she had sent her north to the island of the six kingdoms to stay with Gregori's uncle in a secluded cabin in the mountains.

Before that, Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn was arrested, tried and found guilty of assault. He had thrown his hammer at a half-elf that took off near him on a pegasus. He was sentenced to a fine and a year's exile from Moon City, which the dwarf took as a gift, not a punishment, for he hated the city's proliferation of mages.

They traveled to the City of the Spices by ferry where they were joined by Raven Horus-Daughter, a paladin of the god of vengeance. She was heading towards Marrock in the west to aid the people there who were besieged, and that a small group might succeed at getting in where armies had failed. Militaides of Anhur, however, was called back to Neergaard and was forced to leave his companions promising to catch up with them.

On their travels, passing through a bog near a river, the Oath encountered a strange web-creature stuck to which were the corpses of several gray-clad monks. When the thing was killed, everyone was bombarded with bits of memory of the dead monks, but it was hard to make any sense of it. Thinking the monks might have something to do with a tower on a hill on the other side of the river, the party wrapped them up and waded on.

As they approached the river, night fell and soon they were under attack by a strange black-garbed monk who seemed to be made partially of shadow, and his mastiff certainly was some sort of otherworldly creature. The dog was killed, but the monk got away.

The monk that acted as ferryman, warned them that something was afoot in the tower, though his duty would not allow him to do anything about it, as he could not leave his post.

They found the place being run by monks who had usurped the authority of the head sage. The Oath were able to defeat the evil monks and convince the gnomish guards (armed with Boomsticks) that they meant no harm, and free the sages. Shafley, the head monk, explained that the dead monks they had come across had been those loyal to him and they had been seeking a fallen star in order to trade it for a collection of books that would make the tower library unequaled. He now offered a powerful gift if the party would undertake the quest.

They agreed.

Less than three days west of the Tower of the Heavens, the Oath were attacked in the night by hungry gnolls seeking to get their steeds. Willie Dobil was killed in the brief battle, causing much grief to the rest of the party.

Visiting the druid, Derwyth, the party found out where the star had fallen and weathered a blizzard there. Too cold to continue, Thar'keth waited behind, as the others sough the star in the lair of derro. The invasion of this lair was hard fought, even though Militaides miraculously appeared to join his companions. Rastfar lost an eye to a derro miliary pick, and both he and Militaides of Anhur nearly died. It was only Raven Horus-Daughter's pure will of vengeance that saw them through.

The party then had to deliver the meteorite to the Kargu-Svirenebli, a community of deep gnomes who had a factory built atop a hive of tunnels atop a nearby mountain. On the way up the mountain they came to community of people who lived atop a dam, and had blocked progress beyond, to stave off the patrols of hobgoblins that had come out of the west and the road to Marrock. Among these people was a man who called himself Gwar of Hamlet. He looked exactly like Gwar of Westron, except he seemed more regal, and wore heavy armor and wore some sort of weight etched on to his face. He explained he had awoken a couple of months before in the town of Hamlet and all he really knew about himself was what the townspeople could tell him of the Oath and of Gwar of Westron. He asked to join the band so that he might be able to discover his origins and they might uncover the mystery of their former companion. While Rastfar was the only one left that remembered Gwar, he convinced the others to let him come out of memory of his past friendship. Though he did warn the new Gwar as he warned all who joined the group now. "You will die if you come with us. They all do."

The marshal of Thor's words were prophetic. The deep gnome factory was guarded by a small village of gibberlings, and Gwar of Hamlet was torn apart even as he skewered half a dozen with his long spear. The Oath were forced to fight one of the gnomes' strange mechanized war machines, but eventually were able to convey what they had come for. The deep gnomes gladly traded a pile of old books for the odd metal orb, and then prompty collapsed their factory and tunnels, escaping deep into the Plutonic Realms.

The collapsing mountain disturbed the lair of an orphaned very young red dragon which the party ran into as they returned to pick up Thar'Keth from Derwyth, on their way back to the Tower of the Heavens. It was chasing down a pair of ogres, and the party attacked it on sight and nearly slew it, but it flung itself off a cliff and glided away.

In return for seeking out the fallen star and trading it for the gnomes' library, Shafley gave them a choice of lesser magical items for each of them, or one of greater power that could help the whole group. They chose the latter and came into possession of the famed Jaylo's Boat. (See also, UK4 - When a Star Falls)
The Road to Marrock
(Written by Osvaldo Oyola) As the road into the mountains became increasingly difficult, The Oath found the burned remains of a tall log wall and gate. The area around it was littered with corpes and broken weapons of hobgoblins. Not three miles from there along the high mountain pass they met Escher of Fallon, who himself had come upon the last survivor of the adventuring band called The River Rats still clinging to life; his name was Fitch Harper.

With the Fallonite and the transmuter now in the party, they came upon another of the blockades, but this one manned by highly trained hobgoblins and their ogre lackeys. The Oath were able to breach it and slay all the hobgoblins and put the thing to the torch, soon after they arrived at Gregori the Brown's uncle's isolated cabin. However, they were not the first to arrive there.

Another party, comprised of a priest of Hiisi, a Librarian of Thoth, a wizard of the Conclave of Sorcerers and yet another Gwar, was already there and Gregori's uncle was dead. Lydia was there. This group claimed to have escaped the Labyrinth of Issek as well, and had come there to thwart the evil wizard's will by taking the girl. The Librarian of Thoth insisted that Militaides of Anhur stand down, as he explained that the Gregori's uncle had been under the employ of Issek, and had even aided in Gregori's first abduction, along with his father, Richard the Red.

Skeptical about this information, The Oath attacked the other party, and the other Gwar was killed, as was the other wizard. The Librarian of Thoth, and Namott of Hiisi were taken prisoner, but soon after Militaides of Anhur realized the follower of Thoth was really what he claimed to be and so, the militant had violated the tenants of his order by not obeying him. While Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn and Namott of Hiisi were natural enemies, he believed the evil priest when he claimed to not want to do the bidding of a southland wizard. As a sign of good faith, they allowed The Oath to take Lydia, and he told the dwarf about temple of Thor northeast of Marrock he could visit.

The road east grew even more difficult and with Lydia in tow, who was unused to the rigors of the road, it was slow going. Fighting a hobgoblin patrol, The Oath soon discovered that an entire hobgoblin army was on its way towards Marrock as well to lend support to those maintaining the seige. Cleverly, the party arranged an avalanche to take out the vast majority of that force's forward party and block the pass to Marrock.

Along the way they came upon about a dozen refugees from a village called Milrock. Their homes had been razed by hobgoblins and they were the last survivors, mostly some women, children and elderly who had managed to sneak away. They were being led by a young tracker with shaggy auburn hair, he was tall and wiry, and spoke very little, never giving his name. The Oath agreed to help escort them to Marrock. Later they would discover that the young tracker was none other than the elf Falen, who they called Clem.

As the party and the refugees made camp late one afternoon only a half-dozen miles from the besieged mountain town, Thar'keth did some scouting and found a set of caves, and a group of dwarven scouts that first attacked him, but later led the party and the refugees through those deep tunnels and into the town itself. Beyond its walls a few thousand hobgoblins kept watch in their Blue Claw heraldry, among engines of war.
The Ulrich Monastery
(from Dungeon #39) While the others rested and tended to the needy of Marrock, Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn snuck out of the town and made his way to the temple of Thor he had heard about. After all this time, he had still been carting around the preserved body of Willie Dobil; he had promised the lad that he would bury him in ground sacred to Thor, as the acrobat turned militant wizard had taken Thor as his patron before his death.

He procured a yak he called Mak to help him bring his gear and the corpse up the tough mountain trail.

The isolated mountain temple was abandoned, and Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn found that the place had been attacked by yeti, a creature only known to exist in his homeland of the Northern Reaches. The hardy dwarf slew the handful of them that were around, and buried the remains of what Marshals of Thor he had found there, along with that of Willie Dobil.
A1 - The Slave Pits of the Undercity
While in Marrock, Militaides of Anhur received word that it was time to pay the debt he owed. When he was training in Neergaard, he had accepted the aid of a cloaked wizard who offered to teleport him back to Thricia to meet up with his friends. The journey that would have taken weeks, if not months, occurred in an instant, but he was told that a time would come when the favor was called in.

As he feared it might be, this mysterious wizard was none other than Issek of the Four Eyes, and now he expected Militaides to retrieve a magical chair with the help of the Oath. The Chair of the Stars was in the hands of a powerful group of slavers who were called The Nine. They were directed to the Old Claw-Earth fortress, where one of their slave rings was supposed to be hidden under the command of someone named Randall Thaenar.

The party traveled south by means of the Ruun river, using Jaylo's Boat, and eventually arrived in Lilly City, from which Lydia was sent back to Moon City to stay with Gregori's mother until she could go to Sturnheim.

The Oath found the old fortress to be in a state of chaos. While some areas were under the control of slavers and their orc henchmen, other parts were overrun with undead, and the central courtyard was walled in to keep a basilisk out of everyone's way. Unfortunately, the party broke into that area and Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn and Escher of Fallon were turned to stone. It took some time for the party to find a means to revert them, but revert them they did.

Before that, the party was trapped in a room overrun with ghouls, and Raven Horus-Daughter was cut down. Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn winded a magical horn that had been discovered at Bone Hill, and unfortunately it summoned half a dozen berserk warriors of Guuron. The fight was a harrowing one, and Raven Horus-Daughter could not be saved, but in the chaotic melee all the ghouls and the berserkers were finally slain.

In the lower levels of the old fortress, the party was trapped in a room by a group of orcs, but in time Randall Thaenar came to parley. It was clear to him that they were at a stand-off, while the party could stay in there long enough to rest and recuperate, and they might be able to beat him and his orcs, it would be a hard won fight. Instead he offered a compromise. He explained that from the very beginning he had been a plant in the group by a foe of Issek seeking to squelch his plans. This foe of Issek was called Modrammo and was one of the Nine. Randall explained he was tired of doing the dirty work of wizards and offered to disband this slaving organization at the Old Claw-Earth, and give the party directions to Highport, a slaver city in the Schrab Hills where they could find Modrammo and the Chair of the Stars.

The party agreed. (See also, A1 - The Slave Pits of the Undercity)
The Petrifying Priestess
(from Dungeon #66) The party hired a small crew for their folding boat in Lilly City and skirted the northern shore of the Captured Sea to make their way to trails that led to Highport. Along the way they stopped to regather supplies in the village of Marwood. Here they met Loric, an old half-elven priest of Aranris El-Macil, who begged them to help retrieve the Sword of Samsoren, which had been stolen a few days before. The Oath tracked down the thieves and raided the lair of Medusa, who had converted a group of orcs to the worship of Apep.

During this adventure, Escher of Fallon was once again turned to stone, but was revived by potions found in the scouring of the lair.
A3 - Assault on the Aerie of the Slavelords
Not long after stashing the boat with their crew and beginning the overland portion of the trip to Highport the Oath came across a slaver caravan and killed the leaders and guards. They sent back most of the freed slaves with a ranger that was among their number, but some volunteered to continue on and pretend to be slaves to get their revenge. The Oath then took the guises of slaves and slavers themselves. Thar'keth, Cinder and Escher of Fallon pretended to be slaves, while Militaides, Rastfar and Fitch were slavers.

Upon entering the city Cinder was removed from the others and brought to the quarters of Delorius of the Nine as she refused to enslave elves, but also refused to set Cinder free, hoping to win her as a consort. Delorius did, however, pay Militaides a handsome sum for taking the elfin rogue off his hands when he went to retrieve her. He could not refuse without raising suspicions. Cinder enjoyed every comfort available, while the other 'enslaved' party members dealt with the horrors of the slave pits. During this time, Militaides, Rastfar and Fitch pretended to look for prices for their "slaves" and also sought out the Chair of the Stars. They were told it would be found aboard a ship, and at first this seemed wrong because how could a ship get up into the mountains? But then they saw it, docked in a manmade lake on the city's edge. However, they were more concerned with saving the Medicus of Fallon they heard was to be sacrificed in the temple of Set in the city, and freeing not only their friends, but as many other slaves as possible.

To this end, they made an alliance with another party of adventurers present in the city who sought the Chair of the Stars. An agreement was reached, the other party would retrieve the magical chair, while the party created a diversion and secured the escape route from the city that they had learned about from Randall Thaenar.

As the others started a slave revolt, Rastfar summoned many bolts of lighting, collapsing rooms, and frying groups of guards, and when the others were delayed in meeting up with him, he entered the city's temple of Set on his own, fighting nearly a dozen guards and priests on the steps of the black shrine. In the confusion of the revolt, Cinder was able to escape her captives and join up with the others, as they escaped the slave pens, and the whole group came to Rastfar's rescue. After the high priest of Set immolated himself in a flamestrike in a misguided attempt to catch the injured party member in it as well, and after being unable to find the Medicus of Fallon that was to be sacrificed, the party fled, fearing that the city's defenses were beginning to get organized.

The Oath met what remained of the allied party at the entrance to the city sewers that would lead them out, as more than half of them had died in retrieving the chair from the docked ship. Thar'keth was the first to climb down into the sewer and was ambushed by an otyugh, and was killed before the others could come to his rescue and slay the monster. It took over a day to escape the city by means of the sewers and its adjacent tunnels, as the party was leading over a score freed slaves out of Highport as well. When they emerged, they were soon caught up to by Modrammo and some of his underlings, along with Delorius. In the ensuing battle, more of the allied party were killed, leaving only a man named Jann with strange mental powers. In addition, Fitch was killed by a lightning bolt that also fried Militaides and Rastfar.

Delorius escaped, but Modrammo was killed before any more of The Nine and their minions could catch up to the party. The Oath eventually made it back to Lilly City, where the corraborated the story of the freed slaves they had sent back on their way to Highport, leading the authorities to organize a force to destroy the illegal slaving operation. Fitch Harper was raised at a local temple of Isis. See also, A3 - Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords

Tallow's Deep
(from Dungeon #18) On their way to the Kingdom of Neergaard to bring the Chair of the Stars to the Order of the Iron Staff, the Oath stopped in Derome-Delem where they visited the town of Tallow's Post so Rastfar could bring an engagment ring to Rene Axe-nail of Thor, as she had traveled there the previous year to establish a temple of Thor. On the way, they were joined by a monk of Anubis called Adder, and were still accompanied by Jann.

Upon their arrival they found that Rene and members of the local constabulary were missing, having gone into the local mine Tallow's Deep to investigate an attack by goblins. Going after them, the Oath made their way into an elaborate labyrinthine lair of the goblins, guarded by many traps and organized goblins attacking from secret passageways and doors. Eventually, the party was able to save the captives and destroy the goblin chieftain, Mog-Grishog. They also managed to collapse a passage that led to a goblin city deep in the Plutonic Realms.

After this adventure, Escher of Fallon remained behind to establish a healing house of Fallon to try to convert the local goblins from their evil, raiding ways.

O10 - Neutral Ground
While waiting for the ship that would bring them to Neergaard the party was confronted by Delorius of the Nine and her own crew, trying to intimidate them into returning the Chair of the Stars. A fight broke out in which Militaides of Anhur was charmed, Jann was killed and Cinder was kidnapped. Kicked out of town by the authorities, the Oath traveled to Earthsea City where they received an invitation from members of the Nine to attend the quinquennial games at the Island of Anthron Moore, a place that would serve as neutral ground for the two parties to resolve their differences.

On the way to the tournament, the party was joined by Ulthis Marális, an albino elven cavalier from the province of Siron-Ehkor in El Reino Unido de Familias Superiores. At the island, the party had to sign contracts that gave a detailed list of laws and guidelines while there, regardless if they were a participant or an observer. Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn and Militaides of Anhur both signed up to take part in the main footlist tournament, but also took part in some of the other side contests. Cinder was able to get away from her captors, but lost all her gear and magical items in the process. The party also befriended the Company of Spring's Dawning, as one of their members was there to challenge another kensai.

Rastfar took a fall when he came to face Militaides in the tournment, unwilling to hurt his friend, as the terms of the tournament said they must use weapons. He did not tell his companion of this intention, but instead laid down as if unconscious after the first hit. Ulthis Marális faced the novilustani kensai in a duel and disarming him, asked for his surrender. The kensai, despite knowing that losing soiled his honor among other kensai, acquiesced and soon a friendship was made between the two elves despite Ulthis' original racial emnity. Militaides faced Gelston of the Nine in the semi-final round, and the latter declared it a match to the death, however, as the militant lay there bleeding and Gelston was about to cut his head from his shoulders, Rastfar and Cinder leapt into the arena. Fitch also tried to use a hold person spell on Gelston. Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn knocking Gelston aside, and Cinder draping her body over Militaides. While the two were arrested, Delorius commanded Gelston to stand down, as she did not want Cinder hurt.

For violating the contracts they signed, Rastfar and Cinder were banished from the island, causing the whole party to leave at once. Lord Anthron Moore set the departure of the ships in such a way that it would be difficult for Delorius' ship to find and catch up to the ship the Oath bought passage on to reach Earthsea City, with Cinder and the Chair of the Stars. The lord wanted to discourage any piracy or battles in his waters for political reasons. Ulthis Marális did not return with the party, choosing to return to Derome-Delem with the Company of Spring's Dawning, and Adder who experiencing a crisis of faith decided to travel back to the mountainous island as well to seek solitude and contemplation of his god.
Stepping Stones
(from Dungeon #68) In Earthsea City, the Oath met up with Jenna of Isis. This Thrician priestess was an expert in gnomish lore, and was seeking heretofore unheard of gnomish communities in Neergaard. Having heard of the Oath's exploits in Highport and having no real schedule to follow, she decided to join up with them.

On the journey north, Rastfar went off on his own to celebrate Mountain Day, and met up with Morgan of Thor. Together, the two devotees of the Thunder God, slew a mountain giant. As a gift, Morgan gave Rastfar an old Neergaardian map that supposedly showed the way to an old treasure. As Morgan of Thor was heading back to the Northern Reaches, he figured Rastfar would put it to better use.

After bringing the Chair of the Stars to representatives of the Order of the Iron Staff in Dunthrinane, the Oath decided to travel to the province of Seareach to visit Militaides family farm in Steelriver. The party stayed with the family for several days, during which Cinder was revealed to be Militaides' betrothed. She agreed to this in order to make the militant's family happy, but Cinder made sure Militaides understood it would remain a chaste love.

The Oath went investigating the map they had gotten from Morgan of Thor, and along the way made contact with a tribe of centaurs that knew of the formation of great standing stones that the map made reference to. If the party kept a group of korred from awakening the ancient foes held captive within the stones, the centaurs agreed to help them decipher the map and retrieve the treasure. Succeeding, the Oath recovered the infamous Crown of Llywellyn, and later were able to return the crown to the king of Neergaard and be honored guests of the court. They would be awarded minor boons, but not before the events of River of the Dead and the Curse & the Quest.
River of the Dead
(adapted from "School of Nekros" from Dungeon #27) Before being able to journey to Dunthrinane to return the Crown of Llywellyn to the king, the people of Steelriver (near where Militaides' family farm was located) were horrified to discover corpses coming down river and poisoning their water. When the Oath traveled upriver to discover the source of the contamination, they discovered a secret school of necromancers. Along the way they ran into two strange skeletons that were not undead, but rather adventurers cursed to keep their sentience while in skeletal form. The Oath took on the two skeletons to help crew Jaylo's Boat for the rest of the way upriver. In raiding the necromancer's school, Militaides of Anhur lost an eye to attacking giant crows, and soon after Jenna of Isis lost a hand to a trap that released dire scorpions in the school's entrance hall. The Oath retreated back to the family farm and then traveled to the city of Avenir to seek help regenerating Jenna's hand.

While in Avenir they were also able to break the curse on the two skeletons, finding them to be Gorn and Drall from northern Neergaard, who agreed to accompany the party back to the necromancer's school to get their revenge. They were also able to inform the party that the place was run by a woman named Mephista and a half-elven wizard named Rathenar. Hearing this, Cinder wanted to avoid the place, as Rathenar was the name of her captor who tried to train her for his own use as a spell-filcher when she was young, however, she was overruled by the rest of the party.

When the Oath returned to Militaides' family farm before undertaking a return trip to the necromancer's school, they found most of his family had been killed and raised as undead that attacked them. It seemed that the occupants of the school had tracked the Oath back to the farm and dealt their revenge. Those of Militaides' family that were not discovered as undead, were his youngest siblings who were missing. Militaides of Anhur swore revenge, and he and the rest of the Oath burst into the school killing everyone they came across. While involved in a furious battle with Rathenar, Mephista, worried that the Oath would defeat her and destroy the school, made the mistake of freeing the red dragon she kept locked in its lair, cursed into skeletal form as Gorn and Drall were. In the midst of the battle, the red dragon broke free, collapsing parts of the subterranean school and forcing the Oath to flee.

Ironically, Mephista's actions assured that what she feared would happen. She managed to escape, and the dragon flew off seeking a new lair, but Rathenar was presumed dead. Before leaving, Mephista mocked Militaides of Anhur telling him that his youngest siblings had been held captive in the school, and now they were crushed and killed as well.
The Curse and the Quest
(from Dungeon #26) As the Oath traveled north on an oxen drawn wagon, after fending off a band of Tamburlaine's bandits, they came across the body of a man dressed in white. On his person they found a black book with powerful enchantments upon it. They soon discovered it was the accursed Agrackan's Book of Blood, and those that touched it were cursed to be visited each morning by an increasing number of deadly creatures called "Shimmering Wraths". As Fitch Harper was the first one cursed, Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn and Militaides of Anhur deliberately touched the book and cursed themselves as well, in order to draw off the creatures that would arrive each morning.

The Oath headed off to find an allegedly abandoned dwarven stronghold, seeking a way to destroy Agrackan's Book of Blood before the curse overcame them. It seemed that the stronghold was built to guard over a place called "the Focus", where powerful energies of the planes could be harnessed to enchant powerful items. On the way, they passed through giant territory, where Gorn was crushed by a thrown boulder.

Soon, they met up with another adventuring party that claimed to have recently escaped from the Labyrinth of Issek, they were led by Dolend of Oghma from the Northern Reaches, and claimed to have once been accompanied by a young man named Gwar, who fit the description of handful of Gwars the Oath had met, including their own Gwar of Westron. Like the other Gwars, this one had died as well. This other party was also seeking out the same dwarven stronghold, seeking a way to destroy the Focus, hoping to keep its power out of the hands of Issek of the Four Eyes.

The two groups also met up with a half-elven rogue named Elamürix who was also seeking out the Focus, though for more dubious reasons. As the parley threatened to become a melee, they drew the attention of a large group of mounted and heavily armored warriors serving Sir Preston of Thelgaard, who was also looking for the power of the Focus as means to enchant weapons for use by the Lionnaires. These warriors were encamped outside of the entrance to the old dwarven stronghold. The ensuing battle went badly. Elamürix escaped, and several members of Dolend's Band were killed. The Oath were forced to surrender, but not until after Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn used the thunderclap spell in a desperate attempt to even the odds, fearing the results of capture.

As dawn of the next day approached, it took all of Militaides of Anhur's diplomatic ability to convince Sir Preston of Thelgaard to allow the party an opportunity to defend themselves against the curse of the shimmering wraths. They were given their armor and weapons, and allowed to wait for dawn in a great circle of spear-wielding soldiers. When wraths appeared, several of the soldiers and other lesser knights joined the battle out of a sense of honor. However, still injured from the battles the day before, Fitch was killed.

Despite their devestation at the loss of their friend, The Oath were sent down into the stronghold, as all other who had been sent down to scout had not returned. In the depths of the place, the party fought an earth elemental of great power, while Rastfar was literally sucked into the earth, and re-emerged in a holy temple chamber, where it seemed there was still one dwarf in the place, a priest of Lehrothronar named Ovain-Tar of Yvvivor, who pointed the way to the entrance of the Focus.

The rest of the group finally caught up with Rastfar when he convinced the dwarf to call off the elemental guardian. Unfortunately, Elamürix was following them invisibly, and followed the group into the Focus. The Focus was a concordance of planes that is difficult to describe; a bizarre scincillating mobius strip that stunned mere mortal intellect with its incomprehensibility. In the disorienting battle, Militaides of Anhur lost his magical spear, and might have lost his life being knocked off the strip into the void, if his companions had not rallied to defeat Elamürix and destroy Agrackan's Book of Blood, breaking the curse of the shimmering wraths.

As Agrackan's Book of Blood was the last item of power created with the focus to be returned there, destroying it, also made the Focus itself implode, making the dwarven stronghold collapse around it as the Oath fled. They ran into Sir Preston of Thelgaard and his men entering the stronghold as they left, now that the guardian had been taken care of, but most of them did not escape; including the knight.
A Wrastle with Bertrum
(from Dungeon #30) The Oath found Gregori the Brown looking for them in Dunthrinane. He wanted them to accompany him in join the crew of the Astral Wind for a journey to the Hellish Isles in search of exotic magics for Usterias the Grey, a fellow watch-mage. The party agreed, partly out of the reasoning that Issek's power over them would be limited in such distant lands. They were also joined by Linka of the Wolves, whose mother was a former adventuring companion of Usterias, who accompanied them on the journey westward.

They were only able to book passage to Ettinos, and then from there to Verdun and then had to travel the circuitous ferry routes of Herman Land to arrive in Westron and hire passage to Haffar's Port, which was where they were to meet ship. Along the way they stopped in Swampstop, spending the evening at the Big Fat Chunky Pig, where wrestling with an adolescent troll was the favored sport to bet on. However, as The Oath took part in the rowdy festivities, the tavern was held up. First, by a group of gnomes and halflings pretending to be a nefarious dwarven bandit and his crew, and then by the actual band of dwarven bandits. This led to a drawn out chaotic battle, during which The Oath were forced to kill the troll Bertrum, which angered the tavernkeeper greatly. However, The Oath were able to avoid a confrontation with the law by virtue of their increasing reputation and for handing over both groups of bandits.
C1 - The Hidden Shrine of the Tamoachan
The Astral Wind made a stop-over at the city of Eh'Tuhorg on what is sometimes called The Lizard Isles. Those ships that make the rare trips to the Hellish Isles usually stop here to replenish supplies, and for some final shore leave before the long trip south. Here The Oath were able to bring some lizardfolk eggs to safety of their own kind, and also discovered a stowaway, a young half-orc named Jakob K. Killelf they had first met in Ettinos and was obsessed with the idea of serving as Militaides of Anhur's squire and becoming a Militant of Anhur himself one day.

The long trip to the Hellish Isles was uneventful, save for some long windless days in the Sargasso Bands, and an attack by amphibious serpentine humanoids. Arriving at the nameless island, the Oath were forced to begin exploring it without the aid of Gregori the Brown as he contracted a serious case of the bog flu. Instead, the ship's mage, Jeffery Twelfthson accompanied them. They found the thick jungle of island bare manageable. The great heat sapped their strength and the ceaseless biting of huge misquitos annoyed them, but worst off were the bestial lizards the place was overrun with. Attacked by a pack of these creatures that were bipedal, well-organized and able to leap great distances, Militaides of Anhur accidentally stabbed Cinder deeply with his spear in the chaos of battle. And thus, already injured, when Jenna of Isis invoked her unpredictable wand of wonder the resulting fireball not only finished the lizards, but left the elven rogue resembling something closer to her name. The Oath burned what was left of her corpse and saved the ashes for scattering on elven ground.

They continued to explore the island, making their way up to the central looming plateau that appeared to hold several tall stone structures atop it. Along the way they ran into a dark-skinned woman that spoke no common. She was Wey Yun of the Cat Goddess, who had been abandoned on the island by a tribe rival to her own as a sacrifice to the great "king lizard". The king lizard ended up being a huge bestial lizard thirty feet long, with a head larger than a man and teeth like swords. The monster persued the Oath towards the ziggurat now visible at the top of the plateau. It had surprising speed, and managed to swallow Jeffery Twelfthson whole. As they came into the ruined village at the top, they noticed strange small thorny plantmen with spears, chanting in reverence for the monstrous lizard. However, they were too late to notice that the thing was leading them into a covered shaft and they tumbled down directly to the poison gas filled lower chambers of the ziggurat temple. They would have to find a way out soon or die. Only Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn with his necklace of adaptation was safe from its effects.

Down in the bowels of the Olám temple complex, the Oath faced several strange creatures that spoke some unknown and ancient language. Among them was a giant hermit crab and an intelligent crayfish, and getting past a flooded room full of water weirds. However, the party met their doom at the hands of a nereid and her dire electric eel pet. As all the males in the group fell under a powerful enchantment, they refused to allow the nereid to come to harm, and Jenna of Isis and Wey Yun of the Cat Goddess were gravely injured trying to get around their companions and the electric eel to defeat the water elemental fey creature, and eventually succumbed to the poison gas. While Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn was able to break free of the spell, a rash sword thrust by Linka in an attempt to stop the dwarf from fleeing ended up killing him. Despondent, for having accidentally killed his new friend, Linka only half-heartedly defended himself against Militaides of Anhur's attack, and was killed himself. The militant of Anhur then went to retrieve his reward from the nereid and was drowned by her accursed kiss, ending the adventures of the Oath forever.

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