Thoth's Libram

Thoth's Libram is the defunct newsletter/'zine for Aquerra. It had a spotty publishing history changing from monthly, to bi-monthly, to quarterly and back to bi-monthly again before conking out altogether. It also went through several format changes and while it was printed from the summer of 1989 to as late as 2000, there were huge gaps in availability.

The newsletter itself was meant as means of compiling and sharing info on Aquerra and its various campaigns before the days of easy internet access and things like wikis and easily maintained websites.

Over the years there were many contributors, most of which were players in then current campaigns, and there were several regular features. Among them:
  • Abroad in Aquerra - Listings of the various PC adventuring bands traveling Aquerra.
  • Bernardo's World of Love - It was here that we printed "Bernardo's" woefully awful and damn funny boasting poems. Long after the character was dead, he lived on in his poems "discovered" by Dulcimer the Bard as he traveled Aquerra visiting Bernardo's many lovers.
  • Bingo Jedd Had a Light On - This feature followed Bingo Jedd's journey around Aquerra reviewing inns and pubs wherever he went.
  • From the Omniscient Editor - Editorials about D&D (and RPGs in general), both rules-wise and from a social perspective.
  • Loose Pages of Lost Lore - It was here that new spells, magical items (and later feats and the like) were introduced.
  • Myths & Legends of Aquerra - Tales of the gods, heroes and villains of Aquerra's history.
  • Occurrences - The narrative re-telling of the events of on-going campaigns.
  • In the Palm of Harlin Half-hand - Adventurer advice in narrative form from the colorful Harlin Half-hand as told to Theodore of Thoth.
  • Quivers & Arrows - Questions and answers with various gamers connected to the Aquerra groups.
  • Rulings - House rules and rules clarifications for Aquerra games.
  • Spotlight on... - This series of articles took a closer look at particular parts of the world, or specific races, cultures and customs.
  • The Trials & Tribulations of Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn - The tales from The Oath's Adventures from the point of view of Rastfar Buhrad-Puhn, dwarven Marshal of Thor.
  • What News on the Dwarf Wall? - Much like on this wiki, the in-game news of what was happening in the world was spread by means of Verdun's infamous Dwarf Wall. This was always one of the reader favorites, as they looked for news of their own characters' exploits and for hints for future adventures.
  • Who's Who in Aquerra - Here the stories and stats of player characters and famous NPCs were posted.

While the vast majority of what was printed in the various issues of Thoth's Libram is out of date, some of it has made its way into the wiki in various forms. For example, all the cultural info on races were all adapted from the Spotlight on the Races of Aquerra series, as were the stories and stats for members of the Sign of Four, and of course, way too much news on the dwarf wall to ever accurately credit.

Below is a list of some specific items:
Loose Pages of Lost Lore
Myths & Legends:
Who's Who:

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