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If you are going to be working on maintaining and adding to this wiki, this is the place to begin. This page is for anyone working on the wiki as a reminder of inconsistencies that need to be corrected when found, what remains to be done, and of any style guide for the presentation of certain information that has been come up with. When adding anything to the list below, be sure to use the four tildes (~) to "sign" the time and date the note was added.

Also, be sure to check out the Wiki Templates page for ease of search/replace and cut/paste of certain common page types.

Below is a bulleted list of outstanding things that need to be corrected, created or looked out for. Feel free to undertake any of the tasks below if it is in your power to do so. Please just edit this page to remove the item when it is completed and leave a comment to that effect. Also leave a comment on the created/edited pages.

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